Shot of a group of seniors playing a board game in their retirement home

Southern Hills Healthcare offers a wide range of activities in which residents and families can participate. Families are welcome and encouraged to visit our facility and participate in social activities with their loved ones.

Southern Hills residents enjoy scheduled activities throughout the day everyday and religious services each weekend. Family and volunteers are always welcome.

Please download our activities calendar for exact dates and times. Highlights are included below for your convenience.

August 2022 Calendar


August 2
2:00 – Resident Council

August 5
10:00 – Mix-Up Crafts

August 8
6:00p – Late Activity

August 13
1:00 – TV Shows

August 17
2:00 – Movie and Popcorn

August 21
10:00 – Snacks

August 25
2:00 – Penny Pitch

August 31
1:00 – Monthly Birthday Party